Sample OpenDSA eTextbooks

The OpenDSA project consists of content in the form of prose, visualizations, and execises for a range of Computer Science topics. The OpenDSA project also provides infrastructure for selecting subsets of these materials and compiling them together into an "eTextbook". Here we provide links to a sampling of the eTextbooks that can be created.

Currently, OpenDSA eTextbooks can be configured to work within the Canvas LMS. This allows for collecting scoring info for students, and should always be used when OpenDSA is being used for graded class assignments. OpenDSA can also be configured to generate stand-alone HTML pages. In this format, users can view the content, and work the exercises. But no scoring information is remembered. This format is appropriate for an eTextbook used strictly as supplemental reading material.

Canvas versions (you will need to register at to view):

Supplemental reading versions: